ARtGlass has developed a proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) platform to serve the unique needs of cultural sites. We guide visitors on interactive journeys through time and space, creating dynamic, immersive storytelling and educational experiences. In the highly competitive market for attracting visitors, cultural sites need distinguishing strategies that allow them to stand out and succeed.

While some companies use handheld 2-D AR on mobile devices, we have developed a superior platform that brings wearable 3-D AR to guests. By freeing up users’ hands, ARtGlass eliminates barriers and allows visitors more freedom to fully immerse themselves in site exploration. Our dynamic technology can detect visitors’ movements, enhancing what they see with audio, video, text, and 3-D models.

Until now, the cultural sector has lacked a company to develop wearable AR that is geared to its particular needs. Because ARtGlass is run by experts who have dedicated their careers to cultural heritage, we know that every site has unique assets — accordingly, we create every program from scratch to meet the needs of individual sites.

We first launched ARtGlass in Italy, home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We knew that if we could overcome the challenges of bringing augmented reality to the Old World, we’d be ready for the New World. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied users later, we are excited to launch ARtGlass US.

We offer cutting-edge technology that is user-friendly for guests, allowing cultural sites to implement the technology with minimal oversight. We provide more than just hardware, though — we handle everything from tour design to marketing to data analytics. With hundreds of thousands of satisfied users at dozens of premier cultural sites, ARtGlass has proven its ability to perform. Contact us now to learn how we can augment your site by creating memorable stories and unforgettable guest experiences.