ARtGlass at the Carrara Academy

One of the latest ARtGlass projects presents a tour through the many masterpieces in Bergamo’s Carrara Academy. This ARtGlass tour was jointly created with the curators of Bergamo’s Carrara Academy,Emanuela Daffra and Daria Tonzig, and with the support of Uniacque. The tour of Bergamo’s Carrara Academy is one of the most sophisticated tours we have produced. Antonio Scuderi stated, “The project made with Carrara Academy is a real novelty in the panorama of Augmented Reality because it puts all the potential of this new language and technology to work increasing understanding of the masterworks. Our goal is that users forget the technology and feel as if they are entering the paintings, discovering details, grasping surprising connections between the works.”.  According to a recent survey by Super Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in funding augmented and virtual reality companies, ARtGlass is now an international leader in the field of wearable augmented reality.

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