ARtGlass brings groundbreaking wearable augmented reality experiences to sites of all kinds, including art museums, iconic buildings and estates, archaeological sites, and more. Below is a sampling of the great places at which visitors are enjoying a transforming ARtGlass experience. You’ll note many are in Italy, home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We knew that if we could overcome the challenges of bringing augmented reality to the Old World, we would be ready to bring it to the New World. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied users later, we are excited to launch ARtGlass United States. Come along!

Some ARtGlass sites are time-limited exhibitions, so be sure to check if ARtGlass tours are still present at the site you want to visit!

 5th U.S. President James Monroe’s Highland

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

The Pisa Tower Square

Pisa, Italy

The Formula One Racetrack

Monza, Italy

Tremona Castle Archaeological Park

Tremona, Switzerland

The Royal Villa

Monza, Italy

The Guercino and Caravaggio Exhibit at Barberini Palace

Rome, Italy

 Medieval Village Reconstruction

Ticino, Switzerland

The Capitoline Temple

Brescia, Italy

 Vinitaly – World’s Largest Wine Exhibition

Verona, Italy

The Dolomites

UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Residences of the Royal House of Savoy

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Piedmont Region, Italy

Santa Maria Church/Convent

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Milan, Italy

The Village of Crespi

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Crespi, Italy

Val Camonica Rock Drawings

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Camonia Valley, Italy

 UNESCO Sites Exhibit

Taormina, Sicily

The Canton Library

Lugano, Switzerland

 The Cararra Fine Arts Academy & Gallery

Bergamo, Italy

Casa Rossini

Pesaro, Italy

The Chiaramonte Palace Museum

Palermo, Italy

The Poggi Palace Museum

Bologna, Italy

The Marra Palace Museum of Painter De Nittis

Barletta, Italy

San Ludovico Gallery

Parma, Italy

The City Museum

Cremona, Italy

The City Museum

Brescia, Italy

The City Museum

San Gimignano, Italy

Villa Ciani

Lugano, Switzerland